Welsh Charter

 What are the benefits of speaking the Welsh language regularly in school? 

There are many benefits to being able to use the Welsh language regularly in school.  The Welsh language is very useful to us when completing tasks within the classroom as well as partaking in outdoor activities.  The ability to speak Welsh is a desirable skill for a bright and more successful future.

The Welsh Charter believes the main benefits of the Welsh language is:

  • We live in Wales and as a school we can celebrate the language, culture, traditions etc. throughout the year
  • The Welsh Charter constantly find new ways to celebrate the Welsh language that encourage pupils at Ysgol Beca to be bilingual from a very early age
  • We can be fluent in two languages at an early age which will help us for a bright future when applying for jobs when were older
  • Using the language regularly in school provides us with various opportunities to engage with other pupils from various schools when we attend events and activities throughout the year e.g. Jambori, the Urdd Eisteddfod etc.

What does the language offer pupils? 

The Welsh language offers a variety of opportunities for all pupils at Ysgol Beca. The Twm Tanllyd Crew believes that the most important thing the language can offer all pupils is the opportunity to be fully bilingual.  Speaking Welsh opens new doors that can offer various services, activities and the chance for us to attend special events that pupils would not be able to receive otherwise.  The Welsh Charter feel that we have a duty to celebrate the language by engaging all pupils in various activities, events and days for example ‘Shwmae, Su’mae’ Day.  The Schools Welsh Charter believes that this generation will encourage everyone to do the same, as being Welsh is unique and special, with the language being a central part of it.

Who’s responsibility is the Welsh language? 

Everyone.  Everyone has a responsibility to ignite and expand the Welsh language.  The Welsh Government commits to develop Wales to be bilingual with an ambitious vision of reaching one million speakers by 2050. This is your chance to learn the best language on the planet, join us in reaching a million Welsh speakers in Wales by taking some responsibility! We also have a welsh charter crew (Criw Twm Tanllyd) at Ysgol Beca that help us to achieve our goals.

Why should parents/carers speak Welsh with you? 

Parents/carers should speak Welsh to us, because by doing so many more people will be able to speak Welsh in Wales, which is what we aim for. We love teaching Welsh to others, and if we can teach our parents/carers something new that’s the best because usually there the ones that are always correct! By encouraging our parents/carers to speak Welsh we can have fun teaching others.

How can you learn the language and help your child learn the language?

You can use a variety of Welsh apps to help everyone learn the language.

The apps seen below are suitable for foundation phase and Key Stage 2 pupils

Welsh apps

Literacy apps